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Solve the complex and precise visual control of high-end equipment and intelligent visual inspection of industrial scenes

Product Introduction

The DM series is specially used for the rapid detection of the full size and appearance defects of die-cutting products, so as to realize the full inspection of die-cutting products, improve the production yield and improve the quality of die-cutting products.

Automatic Die-Cutting Inspection Machine

Examples of die-cut materials


Product features

  • Full Function
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Simple Operability
  • Stable Detection
Full function
Full function

Size detection, lack of glue, excessive glue, insufficient glue, plugged hole, foreign matter so on

Any arrangement of products can be automatically positioned, measured and inspected

Inspection data image display,  support excel export to provide data

Support online marking of defective products,marking accuracy is up to ±1mm

Broad Compatibility
Broad Compatibility

One machine with multiple inspection, suitable for a variety of die-cutting products of different colors and materials

Colors include yellow, red, blue, black, light blue, etc.

Materials include yellow, white, milky white, transparent glue, etc.

Simple operability
Simple operability

Its unique guided graphical interactive interface is simple to program, 10 minutes to get started

The parameter configuration is automatically saved without repeated settings

The project file is filed once and called repeatedly

Supports remote file creation without geographical restrictions

Stable detection
Stable detection

It is equipped with accurate and stable edge grabbing, strong anti-interference ability, and high repeatability

More efficient and more reliable than manual detection

Self-developed core algorithm is for fast matching

Application Scenarios

Die cutting

Die cutting

LED bracket

LED bracket



Specification Parameters

DesignationStandard automatic die-cutting inspection machineWide-amplitude automatic die-cutting inspection machineWide-amplitude automatic die-cutting inspection machine
Vision positioning12 million pixels and high resolution telecentric lens25 million pixels and high resolution telecentric lens
Field of view70mmx60mm120mmx80mm210mmx210mm
Supported material width20mm-50mm20mm-110mm20mm-200mm
Defect treatmentAutomatic shutdown and Manual culling, the accuracy of shutdown is up to ≤ 1mm
Optional treatmentAutomatic marking without stopping, marking accuracy ±1mm
Detective accuracy±0.02mm±0.03mm±0.05mm
Transportation speed0.1-4m/min*15m/min*
Inspection itemDimension, lack of glue, excessive glue, plugged hole, foreign matter, severe deformation (steel disc), severe crush (steel disc) and so on
Inspection MethodFront and back side inspection
Drive wayServo motor+PLC
Control modePC
Input voltage220V,50-60Hz
Power demandAbout 1.5KW
Machine weightAbout 330KGAbout 400KG
*RemarksBy replacing different visual configurations,it can support different fields of view, detection accuracy and detection speed, maximum speed up to 15m/min

Correct specifications depend on the actual model, all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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