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Product Introduction

Technical features: automatic loading and unloading of medium and large palletizing bodies.

Automatic loading and unloading system

Application Scenarios

A logistics system in a general sense can be regarded as composed of multiple operating subsystems. Taking a general integrated logistics system as an example, it can be divided into a warehousing system, a transportation and distribution system, a document (documentary) system and a billing system in the overall framework. , These four are the core and necessary systems in logistics operations, and depending on the nature of the enterprise and business needs, the logistics system may also include some corresponding auxiliary systems, such as value-added service systems, customer service systems, etc. And in terms of the depth of the logistics system, the information application based on hardware equipment, and the pursuit of the goal of operation automation and intelligence, make today's hot 'big data' and 'artificial intelligence' gradually become the standard configuration of large logistics systems.

The automatic line is divided into three areas as a whole.

Pallet stack cache roll line in No. 1 area, used as a pallet stack cache.

The pallet stack translation elevator in No. 2 area is a lifting device that connects the pallet stack on the cache line and the roller line in the carriage.

The roller line inside and outside the carriage in No. 3 area is a line that puts the pallet stacks into the carriage one by one.

Box logistics conveying system

Box logistics conveying system
Box loading and unloading

Box loading and unloading

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