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Solve the complex and precise visual control of high-end equipment and intelligent visual inspection of industrial scenes

Product Introduction

The smart camera provides 20 different visual tools such as [vision positioning, QR code / OCR recognition, size measurement and defect inspection]. It accurately performs the detection task all day long with only one configuration. The smart camera is widely applicable to 3C electron.

Smart camera

Product advantages

Compact All-in-One Solution
Compact All-in-One Solution

■ All-in-One design with highly integrated functions

■ Compact and miniaturized structure. Integral design makes it easier to integrate into automatic production line and equipment.

■ It integrates the communication function with PLC and manipulator, and is applicable to Ethernet, IO interface, RS232, RS485 and other methods.

Excellent Performance and Low Power Consumption
Excellent Performance and Low Power Consumption

■ The leading Nvidia high-performance AI-Cores and GPU heterogeneous cores support algorithm acceleration and optimization.

■ Lower power consumption, almost be on a par with the processing power of traditional PC vision system.

High Cost Performance with Good Stability and Reliability
High Cost Performance with Good Stability and Reliability

■ Reduce the components required by the application and reduce the total cost of software and hardware.

■ Optimized Linux OS and software and hardware design. No need to worry about the reliability of industrial applications.

Easy to Use and Fully Functiona
Easy to Use and Fully Functiona

■ With graphic drag-and-drop operation on software, it is easy to learn, to use and to maintain without additional programming.

■ It is ready to use once open. The product quickly deploys various vision automation projects, and greatly improves the developing speed of vision solutions.

■ Mature and diversified vision algorithm tools. With simple configuration, it is easy to achieve the functions such as: positioning, judgment of presence and absence, judgment of positive and negative, counting, product identification, size measurement, and defect inspection.

Application Scenarios

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

● Inspection of pre-assembled parts 

● Vision classification of materials on vibrating plate

● Inspection of defect detection of LED, resistance capacitance and other components

● Vision guidance and alignment of mechanical arms

Food and Medicine

Food and Medicine

● Drug packaging inspection.

● Detection of bottle cap locking and liquid level height. 

● Barcode, QR code and other code reading functions.

● Character recognition (OCR) of production date, label and so on. 

Hardware and Plastics

Hardware and Plastics

● Variety identification and positive and negative judgment of screws, gears, bearings, etc.

● Size measurement and sorting of screw holes, screw threads and so on. 

● Identify connector spacing, wire sequence and defects.

● Defect inspection of injection molding/ stamping parts.

Automotive Lithium Battery

Automotive Lithium Battery

● Appearance inspection of lithium battery parts.

● Size and surface defect detection of pole lug and weldment.

● Vehicle tire marking / character recognition.

● Inspecting the poor appearance and size of automobile fasteners.

Specification Parameters

Parameter Name DC-6000 Series Remarks
Operating systemEmbedded Linux system 
Vision toolsVision positioning, calibration, recognition (bar code, QR code, and OCR), size measurement, appearance defect inspection (BLOB), logic tools (branch control, cycle control,
logic/condition judgment, character comparison), and image preprocessing
Resolution ratio800x600、1280x960、1936x1216、2064x1544、 2592x1944 
Frame rate116/50/126/50/68 fps 
Sensor typesCMOS, global shutter/rolling shutter 
Photographing methodsExternal IO trigger and automatic continuous trigger 
Power SupplyDC24V,2A 
I/O InterfaceOptocoupler isolation input:
2 points (one of which is fixed for camera trigger), and rated current 5mA
Optocoupler isolation output:
4-way open drain output, DC0-24v, and rated current 30mA
Communication interfaceRS232 / RS485, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, and USB2.0 
Display interfaceHDMI 
Vision light sourceBuilt-in ring light source and built-in light source controller (support 256 level of brightness adjustment)Optional
Lens interfaceC interface, CS interface, and M12Optional
Image colorsGray / multi-colorsOptional
Camera size111.45x 58 x 41 mmWithout lens

Correct specifications depend on the actual model, all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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