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Solve the complex and precise visual control of high-end equipment and intelligent visual inspection of industrial scenes

Product Introduction

ES-720 series online high-precision visual glue dispensing machine is widely used in various high-precision automatic dispensing scenarios, combined with high-precision, high-speed, high-consistency visual and motion control systems, stable and reliable dispensing software, It is convenient to program the dispensing path to meet the dispensing needs of different products and different processes.

Online high precision visual dispensing machine

Product advantages

Dynamic synchronized dual-valve jet dispensing
Dynamic synchronized dual-valve jet dispensing
Body recognition and glue detection
Body recognition and glue detection
Irregular and high-speed dispensing on the fly
Irregular and high-speed dispensing on the fly
continuous and variable-speed taking photo on the fly on arbitrary path
continuous and variable-speed taking photo on the fly on arbitrary path

Product features

  • Accuracy
  • High Efficiency
  • Flexibility

Support visual identification mode such as 2D/3D unit recognition, edge-grasping and so on.

Support multi-point valve calibration to ensure the global accuracy within the dispensing range.

Support weight or density control dispensing process to ensure consistency of glue quantity.

High Efficiency
High Efficiency

Support program duplication among machines to save time for a batch conversion.

Support CAD import to reduce programming time


Realize synchronization of MES system and AOI function of glue.

It can be matched with modules to realize functions like taking photo or dispensing on the fly, synchronization of dynamic dual-valve, and spinning and leaning.

It can be matched with various valves , supporting dual-valve and double rails, greatly improving production efficiency.

Specification parameters

Basic parameters
2Machine weightAbout 650KGAbout 650KGAbout 900KG
3Power demandAbout 3kwAbout 3kwAbout 3kw
4Air pressure demand0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
5Control modePCPCPC
6Certification standardsCECECE
Movement system
7Positioning accuracyXY:±25μm@3σ   Z:±10μm@3σXY:±20μm@3σ   Z:±10μm@3σXY:±20μm@3σ   Z:±10μm@3σ
8RepeatabilityXY:±15μm@3σ   Z:±5μm@3σXY:±10μm@3σ   Z:±5μm@3σXY:±10μm@3σ   Z:±5μm@3σ
9Maximum speed1000mm/s1000mm/s1000mm/s
11Drivie wayImported Servo and Screw RodImported Servo and Screw RodImported Servo and Screw Rod
Working platform parameters
12Transportation track load3kg3kg3kg
13Range for adjusting width of tracks50-510mm50-510mm50-600mm
14Thickness of substrate0.5-6mm0.5-6mm0.5-6mm
15Operating systemWin7Win7Win7
16Communication protocolSMEMASMEMASMEMA
17Minimum width of substrate edge3mm3mm3mm
18Maximum height of allowed device on the substrate25mm25mm30mm
19Maximum height of allowed device under the substrate20mm20mm30mm
20Z-axis range50mm50mm100mm
Range for dispensing
21Maximum range for dispensing (single or double track)X350*Y500mm/X350*Y220mmX350*Y500mm/X350*Y220mmX400*Y600mm/X400*Y320mm
Real-time synchronized dual-valve (single or double track)No availableX320*Y415mm/X320*Y185mmX350*Y600mm/X350*Y320mm
asynchronous dual-value (single or double track)No availableX300*Y410mm/X300*Y180mmX350*Y600mm/X350*Y320mm
Leaning of four directions (single or double track)X270*Y440mm/X270*Y190mmX270*Y440mm/X270*Y190mmX350*Y600mm/X350*Y320mm
Standard configuration:●   Selected configuration:〇   No available:-
22Vacuum cleaner
23Sound and light alarm
24Vision system
2530cc/55cc feeder
26Standard operating software
27X/Y/Z axis reference point calibration platform
28Industrial PC
29Laser height measurement system
30Low-level liquid detection and alarm
31Single track
32Double track
33Weighing system
34Contact type dispensing valve (Screw valve, High Pressure Valve, Striking needle valve, Metering Valve and so on)
35Camera needle calibration module
36Industrial Barcode Scanner
37Combined lighting
38Valve Wiping Glue Module
39Taking photo on the fly-
40Dual-valve module (synchronized dispensing or asynchronous dispensing)
41Leaning module (leaning of left and right or leaning of four directions)
42Automatic loading and unloading
43Bottom heating under waiting area and dispensing area
44Vacuum adsorption platform
45AdvantagesStandard version is the most cost-effective one, with stability and reliability, which deserves your trust.The upgraded version is equipped with high accuracy, efficiency and stability. Taking photo or dispensing on the fly can be equipped with dual-valve to synchronously realize the maximum efficiency in single machine.Large size is designed for standard double track, which is capable of improving productivity of the whole streamline.

Correct specifications depend on the actual model, all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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