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Solve the complex and precise visual control of high-end equipment and intelligent visual inspection of industrial scenes

Product Introduction

Technical Features: Vision-Guided Robot Motion

Fully automatic visual robot grinding machine

Application Scenarios

As far as simple grinding and polishing applications are concerned, it is necessary to consider the material properties, hardness and other material properties of the base material to be ground in combination with the grinding scene, and at the same time, select the appropriate abrasive according to the particle size and craftsmanship of the abrasive produced by the final product forming requirements, relying on the needs of the robot. Select the appropriate robot for pressure, angle, and speed, and select the appropriate grinding tool for the grinding position and process. All these factors need to be considered comprehensively to design a complete grinding and deburring system. At the same time, for small batches and various types of scenarios, in terms of the combination of robotics and production processes, we can solve problems in many similar grinding and deburring scenarios. core elements.

Manual feeding, the reciprocating table is advanced, the module takes the keycap of the tray, and places the secondary positioning table for positioning. After the robot takes pictures and polishes, the module places the polished keycap on the original tray, and the reciprocating table exits, and the material is manually unloaded.

Hardware polishing

Hardware polishing
Grinding of plastic parts

Grinding of plastic parts

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