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Solve the complex and precise visual control of high-end equipment and intelligent visual inspection of industrial scenes

Product Introduction

Self-developed Pixmile professional measuring software, guided design, easy to operate, ready to use.

The workpiece does not need to be aligned, and it can be accurately measured by placing it at will.

Not interfered by manual operational error, thousands of people can operate in the same method to ensure the accuracy of data.

One-piece design is easy to use, the area of two magazines is enough to place it.

One-Key Inspection Machine

Main detection function


Product features

  • Size and appearance, one-click full inspection
  • Small in size and easy to move
  • Various scenarios, flexible adaptation
 Size and appearance, one-click full inspection
Size and appearance, one-click full inspection

It can quickly, accurately and simply inspect all product dimensions

One key and 1 second to complete the inspection of all dimensions set on the workpiece

The test results are not interfered by human operation errors

Small in size and easy to move
Small in size and easy to move

Integrated small design that saves space and is easy to move

Working environment suitable for various conditions

 Various scenarios, flexible adaptation
Various scenarios, flexible adaptation

Using large depth of field double telecentric lens and telecentric parallel backlight design

The workpiece with height difference can also be clearly imaged

Provide coaxial light, ring light and other optional functional components

Application Scenarios

Die cutting

Die cutting

LED bracket

LED bracket



Specification parameters



Field of view

80×50 mm190×130 mm

Accuracy of detection


Detective accuracy


Lens depth of field


Camera pixel

20 million

Working distance


Selected equipment functions

CAD comparison module; thread measurement module, gear measurement module, 3D module, customized data output, annular surface light, coaxial light, auto focus, image stitching

Backlight parameters

telecentric parallel backlight

Parallel backlight

Working condition

220V AC; guaranteed accuracy temperature 18~22℃

Machine weight

Dimensions240 ×470 ×630 mm600×500 ×1750 mm

Correct specifications depend on the actual model, all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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