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Product Introduction

JV-6500 pneumatic valve uses non-contact jet dispensing technology, which eliminates the up and down movement of the dispensing head and greatly improves production efficiency; the new improved design extends the service life of the glue valve and consumables; it can realize jet dispensing in narrow gaps; scope of application : Adhesive, epoxy resin, aqueous solution, oil, UV curing adhesive, silica gel, acrylic resin adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, conductive adhesive, etc.

ES-JV-6500 Pneumatic valve

Product advantages

High precision and high repeatability
High precision and high repeatability
Most of the types that can be processed
Most of the types that can be processed
Simple operation and easy maintenance
Simple operation and easy maintenance
Ultra-low cost of use
Ultra-low cost of use

Specification Parameters

ES-JV-6500 injection valve performance parameters
Minimum drive air pressure6.5Mpa(65Psi)
Maximum operating frequency200 cycles/s
Optimum feed pressure0~0.3Mpa
Minimum spot diameter0.2 mm
Maximum dispensing speed800/s
ES-JV-6500 Injection Valve Structural Parameters
Feed componentsStainless Steel Luer Connector Syringe Barrel
Syringe specifications that can be connected3cc、5cc、10cc、30cc、55cc
Main valve bodyTungsten steel
fluid channelTungsten steel
Striker assemblySpecial high-strength tungsten steel
Nozzle AssemblySpecial high-strength tungsten steel
fluid sealPTPE+SUS 304
Gas sealPolyurethane
Other O-ringsNitrile rubber
The electromagnetic valve24V(DC)5W
heating blockAluminum alloy oxidation
Heating pipe110V(DC)50W
Maximum heating temperature80℃

Correct specifications depend on the actual model, all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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