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Product Introduction

The ES-PV-3200A piezoelectric system covers high-precision micro-dispensing valves, controllers, and heating modules. Not only widely used in mobile phone frame, camera, SMT, FPC, PCB assembly, LSR waterproof parts. It can also be widely used in semiconductor LED packaging machine, solar photovoltaic, flat panel display assembly, auto parts assembly, Primer waterproof, hot melt adhesive, UV glue, solder paste and many other fields. It is worthwhile for precision dispensing, filling and coating. Trusted partner.

ES-PV-3200A Piezo Valve

Product advantages

Less consumables
Less consumables

Less consumables, economical price, easy maintenance and maintenance.

long life
long life

Piezoelectric ceramics have a long service life, up to 600 million times +

high speed
high speed

High speed, the maximum injection speed is 3000 times/second.

​High precision
​High precision

High precision, always keep the consistency of dispensing size, the volume error is within 1%, a variety of striker and nozzle configurations, the minimum line width can be 0.3mm, the minimum glue point particle size is 0.2mm.

quick switch
quick switch

Piezoelectric drive, fast switching, to achieve rapid diagnosis after each maintenance valve.

Quick release
Quick release

Adopt quick release nozzle and modular design product parameters.

Specification Parameters

ModelPV 3200A
Drivie wayPiezojet
Maximum speed3000НZ/S
Minimum injection volume0.001 µl
PrecisionVolume error within 1%
Software calibrationauto
Heating temperatureNormal temperature
Air pressure0-0.7Mpa
Power supply220V

Correct specifications depend on the actual model, all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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