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Solve the complex and precise visual control of high-end equipment and intelligent visual inspection of industrial scenes

Product Introduction

During the process of capturing the MARK movement, the camera light source strobes and captures the MARK image. When there is no large angle change, there will be no pause and deceleration, which can speed up the scanning speed.

Flight photo

Advantages and Features

Feature points:
Feature points:

Flying speed: 600mm/s; Positioning accuracy: ±0.005mm

Get the real location at the moment of departure

Handle the delay from triggering the photo to the real image acquisition, calculate the real photo location according to the delay and the actual path, shorten the 'exposure' time, and ensure the clarity of the image.


FPC encapsulation, 90 pieces per board

Normal photo: 24S

In-flight photo: 6S

On-site effect: The product needs to be photographed at every point, and the flying shot can greatly improve the production efficiency, and the case process efficiency is increased by 300%.

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