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Company speech

Yi Shizhi is engaged in the development of engineering systems related to machine vision and artificial intelligence, including machine vision systems and integrated solutions. Ten years of technical accumulation, five years of industry polishing, easy to see Zhiyi in the key performance of many products continue to exceed. The dynamic work environment is rooted in the mission and value of the EasyVision team. We are not a bystander of change, we look forward to being smart, capable, energetic and creative, ambitious, and spare no effort to join our team!

Recruitment position


Senior Software Engineer (Intelligent Equipment)

Responsible for or involved in control algorithm and logi

Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree in computer science or automation, with more than 3 years experience in automation equipment software development;
    2. Proficient in MFC or QT programming and related development environments, familiar with various network protocols;
    3. Master platform motion control, skillfully use motion control cards and achieve speed planning;
    4. Familiar with visual image processing, experience in visual project development is preferred;
    5. Experience in automation equipment development or R&D team management is preferred;
    6. Enthusiasm for work, ability to withstand greater work pressure, good teamwork spirit, team spirit of mutual assistance, and responsibility;
    7. Willing to learn new knowledge and have the ability to solve problems independently;
    8. With an open mind, you can become familiar with and integrate into the company team atmosphere as soon as possible to adapt to the entrepreneurial team work mode.