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Technical Services

pre-sale service:

After fully understanding the needs of customers, EasyVision will conduct detailed problem diagnosis and evaluation, design personalized solutions for customers' needs, and demonstrate with relevant technical systems to create a differentiated and personalized customer experience. To provide customers with the best personalized solutions and the most attentive service. We will assist our clients in engineering planning and system requirements analysis, so that our products can meet the needs of users to the greatest extent, and at the same time enable the client's investment to maximize the overall economic benefits.

After sales service:

Yi Shi Zhi Tong will not only provide you with personalized solutions and implementation services, but also provide you with comprehensive after-sales service. We will respond as soon as possible to the questions or needs raised by our customers. Through continuous improvement and improvement of internal management processes, we will enable every customer to enjoy our professional, efficient and timely service.

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