Esight Techonology Technology debuted at the 2017 South China International Automation Exhibition

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On June 30, 2017, the South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition, VISION CHINA 2017 (Shenzhen) ended successfully at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! If invited to participate in the exhibition, Esight Techonology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the VMC series of visual dispensing systems, consolidated existing cooperative relations, and also explored a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for developing new markets.

This exhibition has a strong lineup and a gathering of talents. During the event, nearly 10,000 domestic and foreign professional merchants participated in the exhibition. The booth where Esight Techonology is located has attracted many exhibitors to stop, and the staff have been communicating with exhibitors with full enthusiasm and serious attitude.


VMC Series Vision Dispensing System


▲VMC-1600 High Precision

Vision Dispensing System

VMC-1600 high-precision visual dispensing system can analyze the images collected by the camera in real time, automatically calculate the position and rotation angle, and realize intelligent and high-precision control of the dispensing machine. It has its own visual core algorithm, and supports functions such as ontology recognition, flight mode, multiple automatic calibration, multi-machine sharing of engineering files, and CAD file import. It is suitable for high-volume and high-precision dispensing scenarios such as mobile phone camera dispensing, mobile phone fingerprint module dispensing, bottom filling of mobile phone motherboards, and mobile phone middle frame dispensing.


▲Industrial camera to workpiece

for intelligent image acquisition


▲Esight Techonology Smart Pupil dedicated software

Real-time processing of images

In the era of vigorous development of the automation industry, the Chinese government has proposed 'Made in China 2025' based on its own national conditions and development stage, as a roadmap for the development of China's manufacturing industry in the next 10 years.

Favorable business growth environment has brought about more intense market competition. Under the current economic cycle, increasing investment in high-tech equipment is undoubtedly a high-yield option. How to follow the trend and help customers use low-cost and high-efficiency production technology to stand out in the market competition and take the initiative, this is the problem that Esight Techonology has always paid attention to.

'Make the best industrial vision products' - has always been our goal.

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