Esight Techonology invites you to NEPCON South China 2018

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易视智瞳邀您莅临NEPCON South China 2018


易视智瞳邀您莅临NEPCON South China 2018

NEPCON South China (South China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition) is an important gathering of unprecedented scale and elites in the electronic manufacturing industry. Well-known brands at home and abroad gathered at the scene to showcase future-oriented product innovation and technological revolution. Visitors shuttled through the exhibition halls and forum conference rooms, and could see, hear and touch all kinds of indispensable solutions in electronic manufacturing, such as SMT, electronic manufacturing automation, welding and dispensing, testing and measurement. NEPCON South China is an information hub for industry insiders to grasp industry dynamic information, gain insight into industry trends, and grasp industry direction.

Esight Techonology (Booth No.: 1N01) will participate in the 2018 NEPCON South China held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on 8.28.

|| Exhibition Equipment

Online Automatic Dispenser ES-400/ES-400UR

Multi-axis linkage function to meet various three-dimensional dispensing scenarios Supports the simultaneous production of various specifications and models of products Dispensing paths can be freely programmed for each X-Y-Z motion track route Adopt CCD visual alignment system, laser height compensation and weighing feedback

Desktop Automatic Dispenser ES-300

The independently developed high-precision visual positioning system has high movement accuracy, fast movement speed and stability. It can complete MARK positioning, body positioning, edge patrol positioning and other positioning requirements. The independently developed dispensing control system is suitable for a variety of dispensing process scenarios.

易视智瞳邀您莅临NEPCON South China 2018

8.28-8.30, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Esight Techonology is waiting for you at booth 1N01.

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