【VA Vision Award】Esight Techonology 3D Vision Precision Dispenser won the VA Vision Award

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On April 24-26, 2019, the 13th SMT China VA Vision Award Ceremony was held at the NEPCON China exhibition site at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Esight Techonology won the prestigious industry excellence award - SMT China VA Vision Award (SMT China VA Award) for its 3D vision precision dispensing machine.


The VA Vision Awards have been honoring outstanding products and processes in the industry for the thirteenth consecutive year, making it possible for the Chinese electronics assembly industry to produce higher quality and higher reliability products. The VA Visionary Award recognizes truly visionary products in the surface mount industry in China's electronics manufacturing sector, as well as excellence and leadership through innovation, inspiring companies to achieve the highest standards and driving the industry forward.


With the increasing application of curved screens and flexible electronic materials in the electronics industry, the demand for 3D dispensing processes is also increasing. Based on its own core advantages of industrial vision intelligence, Esight Techonology is the first to realize 3D precision vision dispensing technology in China, realize precise correspondence and coordinated control of 3D vision and motion system, break through the technical bottleneck of electronic precision processing industry and foreign technology monopoly, and promote precision The upgrading of electronic processing industry plays a role in improving processing accuracy, improving production efficiency and yield, and improving cost performance.


3D vision precision dispensing technology is the application of machine vision positioning and guiding dispensing in 3D space. Through 3D modeling technology, the dispensing path is adjusted to accurately fit the target workpiece, and the precise correspondence between the vision system and motion control can be realized, laying a good foundation for high-precision dispensing guidance.

3D vision precision dispensing has the following advantages:

1. 3D vision uses X-Y-Z coordinate positioning to make up for the poor dispensing caused by the change of target height, especially for the dispensing process of battery caulking and mobile phone middle frame in the 5G era, which has a good effect and significantly improves the yield;

2. 3D vision has low requirements for light sources, and there is no need to frequently replace light sources for different products, and there is no need to set up multiple projects, which greatly shortens the time for project production and debugging, and has high flexibility and adaptability;

3. The 3D vision uses a 3D laser module. Compared with the traditional 3D line scan solution, it only needs to collect a limited number of points, which speeds up the 3D positioning beat, significantly improves the efficiency, and reduces the cost by about 85%, which is highly cost-effective.


Based on its own core industrial vision intelligence technology, Esight Techonology creates 3D vision precision dispensing technology, realizes technological leap in the field of industrial vision dispensing, solves the double dilemma faced by industrial robot industry upgrading, and breaks the current domestic robot manufacturers in the visual core. In terms of technology and application, it is subject to the status quo of foreign giants, giving full play to the advantages of its own technology to drive the upgrading of China's intelligent manufacturing industry.

About the VA Visionary Awards

Founded in 2007, VISION AWARDS has been held for 13 consecutive sessions. It is the only certified international selection event in China's electronics manufacturing market. Promote China's electronic assembly manufacturing industry to produce more high-quality and reliable products. Over the years, the award has been widely participated and supported by domestic and foreign electronic assembly manufacturing suppliers, and the winning products can be widely recognized by the electronic assembly industry. The Vision Awards' reader review committee is made up of hundreds of industry technologists. The selection work is carried out independently, and the professionalism, authority and impartiality of the whole awarding activity are strictly guaranteed.


About Esight Techonology

Esight Techonology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 by the high-level outstanding talents of Peacock overseas, combined with overseas experts and senior technical and management personnel from the top 100 Shenzhen enterprises. Focusing on industrial visual intelligence technology, with machine vision and deep learning as the core, it realizes the visual perception and execution decision-making of industrial robots, and assists enterprises to step into the era of intelligent manufacturing led by machine vision.

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