Important news | Minister Zeng Wufei of the United Front Work Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and his party visited Esight Techonology for guidance

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Build consensus and focus on direction

On June 12, 2020, Zeng Wufei, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by Huang Jianfeng, Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Liaison Office of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders, visited Esight Techonology for research and investigation. Esight Techonology CEO Dr. Huang Bufu and CTO Dr. Shi Xi Waiting for a warm reception.

要闻 |深圳市委统战部曾无非部长一行莅临易视智瞳参观指导

Symposium exchange

Dr. Huang Bufu, CEO of Esight Techonology, extended a warm welcome to Minister Zeng and his entourage to the company for investigation and guidance, and introduced the situation of scientific and technological innovation and the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the past three years around the theme of the company's 'industrial visual intelligence system'.

Minister Zeng first affirmed the development achievements of the company since its establishment, and then said that in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic at the beginning of this year, the company needs to unite with the government, unify thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and further build ideological consensus , strengthen confidence and strive to be the first. At the same time, we have a detailed understanding of the problems and difficulties existing in the development of enterprises, and encourage enterprises in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to focus on their main business and overcome difficulties.

要闻 |深圳市委统战部曾无非部长一行莅临易视智瞳参观指导

要闻 |深圳市委统战部曾无非部长一行莅临易视智瞳参观指导

visit the laboratory

Minister Zeng and his entourage also went to our company's key laboratory-Intelligent Equipment and Visual Intelligence Application Research Laboratory to conduct on-site inspections, and observed the operation scenes of various products such as online high-precision visual glue dispensers and one-button measuring instruments. R&D personnel innovate and create, and produce more excellent results.

要闻 |深圳市委统战部曾无非部长一行莅临易视智瞳参观指导

At last

In the future, Esight Techonology will keep up with the pace of the times, focus on youth entrepreneurship and enterprise innovation as always, be driven by technological innovation, constantly break through technical difficulties, give full play to its own advantages, improve service quality, and continuously lead the bridge for the interconnection of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Build a line, strive to build an industrial national brand, and help the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Bay Area.

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