Ingenuity | The strongest "brain" of the fully automatic disinfection dental chair

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匠心 | 全自动消毒牙椅的最强“大脑”

Automatic disinfection dental chair control system

AJ25 fully automatic disinfection dental chair, the control system of the first high-end model in China is jointly developed by Yishi Zhitong.

In order to do the strongest 'brain' of the fully automatic disinfection dental chair, so that it can complete the disinfection and sterilization task of the dental chair at a high level with one key, and facilitate the disinfection work of dentists and medical staff. , from the bottom-level electromechanical control system, software algorithm, human-computer interaction, and application integration to research and development one by one, while developing and trialing, through multiple iterations of verification and adjustment, after nearly a year of polishing and completing the research and development goal of the entire control system, which will soon be Put into mass production applications.

The system integrates the automatic one-key disinfection function, and has the advantages of intelligent and precise control, safety and reliability:

1. Intelligent automatic disinfection: the whole process of disinfection only needs one button, no manual operation, saving time and effort, and all-round disinfection of three-purpose gun, mobile phone, tooth scaler, mouthwash pipe, and lower water inlet pipe in one step;

2. Sensor control safety: water source status detection, equipment omission prevention, power-off continued elimination, forced exit, and anti-misoperation;

3. Visual intelligent control: scaler & electric motor visualized and precise control, refined treatment; full-color LCD display, real-time display of the working status and parameters of each device, real-time progress of dental chair disinfection, etc.;

4. Intelligent fault diagnosis: self-inspection and fault information display during startup and operation, which can quickly locate faults and repair;

5. User habit memory: It can record 6 doctors' chair positions, scaler and electric motor usage habits (parameter memory and automatic recall).

匠心 | 全自动消毒牙椅的最强“大脑”

Dentist's Pain

Scenario 1: After each patient sees a doctor, the dentist has to flush the cell phone pipes for 30 seconds. However, the pressure in the pipes is too high, and every time they snort, the water flow is accompanied by the virus on the body, like a volcanic eruption, and instantly feels unclean.

匠心 | 全自动消毒牙椅的最强“大脑”

Scenario 2: The patient approached the dental chair, and there was an 'inexplicable' odor lingering. The dentist smelled it everywhere, but couldn't find the source; Out of bursts of 'rotten'.

匠心 | 全自动消毒牙椅的最强“大脑”

Scenario 3: After a busy day at work, another disinfection battle for the dentist begins. The disinfection of dental chairs is a cumbersome process. Each chair needs to be sterilized one by one, which is a huge physical challenge.

匠心 | 全自动消毒牙椅的最强“大脑”

The hard core system is online

AJ25 automatic disinfection dental chair

The whole process of disinfection is just one click

Rescue the dentists kidnapped by 'sterilization'

匠心 | 全自动消毒牙椅的最强“大脑”

2020 is the most unforgettable year for everyone. The 'epidemic' commando team composed of medical staff is fighting against the epidemic day and night and fighting the virus with all their might. In this life-defense battle, they won everyone's respect with the most beautiful 'retrograde'.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Esight Techonology will continue to make efforts to improve the intelligent level of equipment in the medical industry, provide protection for the convenience of medical staff, and provide a clean, healthy and efficient environment for medical staff. epidemic

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