Application Scenarios

Solve the complex and precise visual control of high-end equipment and intelligent visual inspection of industrial scenes

Fast and full inspection of flexible sheets

With the rapid development of new energy, 3C and other industries, manufacturers have become more and more strict in the quality control of die-cutting products. Entering 2021, terminals such as Huawei and Apple are gradually implementing 'zero tolerance' requirements for incoming material defects. In order to achieve miniaturization and light weight, the materials used for die-cutting products must be light, thin and transparent materials, which significantly increases the difficulty of manual inspection. At the same time, different from coil material supply, die-cut sheets often have problems such as large format, mixed layout of products, and protective film affecting detection, which brings higher challenges to quality inspection work.

Fast and full inspection of flexible sheets

Examples of die-cut materials


Features and Benefits

Self-developed Pixmile software platform, effectively supporting the rapid implementation of visual
Self-developed Pixmile software platform, effectively supporting the rapid implementation of visual

Deeply rooted in the visual inspection industry, we have independently developed the Pixmile software platform. According to the product characteristics of the flexible material industry such as die-cutting, Pixmile has been continuously optimized and upgraded with the progress of the process. It has undergone thousands of material verifications in the production line, effectively supporting the rapid implementation of visual inspection products in industrial scenarios.

Deeply customized intelligent imaging and detection solutions
Deeply customized intelligent imaging and detection solutions

Die-cut flexible sheets have the characteristics of many materials, many types of models, complex backgrounds, and frequent material changes. It requires equipment that can achieve high compatibility and quickly select imaging settings based on existing hardware configurations. Easy Vision has developed an intelligent light source module, which can automatically and quickly generate available light source configurations for different materials, helping quality inspectors to quickly generate easy-to-detect imaging settings.

Customer appeal

Customer appeal

A TOP enterprise in the field of die-cutting product production, there are a wide variety of die-cutting products, and end customers require that the size and appearance of various die-cutting products can be fully inspected. Moreover, the detection accuracy of the size should reach μ level, and the functional defects such as lack of glue should be 100% detected, otherwise the end customer will be heavily fined if found to be defective.

Customer pain points

1. There are many types of product size and defect detection, and the manual detection accuracy is poor, resulting in a large number of bad size outflows, increasing customer complaints.

2. The labor cost increases, the efficiency of manual full inspection is low, and the small defects cannot be detected by the human eye, resulting in the outflow of defective products, resulting in customer complaints.


Unique light source solution

The unique light source solution can be compatible with various types of die-cutting products.

High detection accuracy

Using high-resolution industrial cameras and lenses, the detection accuracy can reach ±0.03mm, preventing the outflow of defective products in size and appearance.

Front and back detection

Front and back inspections are used to identify defective products and mark them online, reducing manual intervention. On the basis of full inspection, the reduction efficiency is greatly improved and labor costs are reduced.