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Full inspection solution for flexible coil die-cutting products

With the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry and the refinement and upgrading of product components, the requirements for the size and quality of die-cutting products have also increased. How can die-cutting product suppliers ensure shipments and product quality? become the top priority of enterprise development. Driven by the current demand for full inspection in the die-cutting industry, Yishi Zhitong Technology has developed a fully automatic die-cutting inspection machine based on its technical accumulation in the field of industrial vision for many years. The equipment applies machine vision to traditional die-cutting product inspection, effectively solving the problems of low inspection efficiency and poor inspection accuracy of manual inspection that plague die-cutting product suppliers.

Full inspection solution for flexible coil die-cutting products

Examples of die-cut materials


Features and Benefits

full functioning

Complete functions and simple operation

It not only supports full-size automatic measurement, but also is compatible with the rapid detection of defects such as lack of glue, excess glue, little glue, blocked holes and foreign objects; it supports cross-cutting products with various arrangements, and can be automatically positioned no matter how the products are sorted. Dimensional measurements and defect detection are carried out to ensure products are not missed.

High measurement accuracy

Adopt unique visual inspection system, high measurement accuracy

It is more efficient and reliable than manual detection, and it automatically stops when defective products are encountered, which is convenient for users to deal with in time and avoids the outflow of defective products.

Strong versatility

Strong versatility, suitable for a variety of die-cutting products of different colors and materials, truly realizing multiple inspections in one machine

Color: yellow, red, blue, black, light blue, etc.;

Material: yellow, white, milky white, transparent glue, etc.

Get started quickly

Get started quickly

The project file is archived once and called repeatedly; the parameter configuration is automatically saved, and there is no need to repeat the setting; it supports remote archive creation without geographical restrictions.

Real-time display

Support real-time display of test results

Full-scale measurement data data storage and Excel export, which is convenient for users to trace back.

Double-sided inspection

Double-sided inspection

It supports simultaneous detection of the front and back of die-cut and steel sheet products, with high detection efficiency, which can greatly save labor costs.

Customer appeal

Customer appeal

A TOP enterprise in the field of die-cutting product production, there are a wide variety of die-cutting products, and end customers require that the size and appearance of various die-cutting products can be fully inspected. Moreover, the detection accuracy of the size should reach μ level, and the functional defects such as lack of glue should be 100% detected, otherwise the end customer will be heavily fined if found to be defective.

Customer pain points

1. There are many types of product size and defect detection, and the manual detection accuracy is poor, resulting in a large number of bad size outflows, increasing customer complaints.

2. The labor cost increases, the efficiency of manual full inspection is low, and the small defects cannot be detected by the human eye, resulting in the outflow of defective products, resulting in customer complaints.


Unique light source solution

The unique light source solution can be compatible with various types of die-cutting products.

High detection accuracy

Using high-resolution industrial cameras and lenses, the detection accuracy can reach ±0.03mm, preventing the outflow of defective products in size and appearance.

Front and back detection

Front and back inspections are used to identify defective products and mark them online, reducing manual intervention. On the basis of full inspection, the reduction efficiency is greatly improved and labor costs are reduced.