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LED high anti-dot white glue

In the field of LED packaging, the performance of basic materials such as blue chips, phosphors, and encapsulation adhesives has been brought to the extreme, and it is difficult to make breakthroughs. Mini/Micro LED is comparable to OLED performance, with lower cost, high degree of fit in the domestic industry chain, and rapid development. However, its packaging has many technical difficulties. In order to improve the light efficiency, the Zener tube and the gold wire solder joints are covered with high reflectivity white glue.

LED high anti-dot white glue

Features and Benefits

Dispensing effect

Dispensing effect: position accuracy ± 0.02mm, efficiency ≥ 17.56Kpcs/H

Machine efficiency

Machine efficiency: 29.1% higher efficiency.

Operational stability

Operational stability: stable time increased by 8.7%.

Customer appeal

Customer appeal

1. TOP enterprises in the field of LED production.

2. It is required that the dot speed is fast and the glue is stable.

Customer pain points

1. The tolerance of the package bracket is large, and there is a certain tolerance for chip bonding and gold wire welding.

2. High precision anti-white glue is required for adding points.

3. It is difficult to ensure the stability of operation under high dispensing efficiency.

4. At present, the equipment that can mass produce this process in the world is monopolized by foreign companies.


Efficiency and Dispense Accuracy

Adopt linear motor + flying shot to improve MARK efficiency and dispensing accuracy.

Dispensing optional

Single-valve flight dispensing or dual-valve simultaneous dispensing is optional.

Reduce commissioning time

Weight-controlled dotting ensures that the two valves do not need to be fully aligned to achieve the same amount of glue, shortening commissioning time.

glue quality

Hanging glue detection monitors the glue discharge status of the valve to ensure the glue discharge quality of the valve.

Valve Dynamic Dotting

Dynamic LineFix calibration valveDynamic dot error shortens dot dwell time, that is, dots can be dotted in motion.