Application Scenarios

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3C mobile phone middle frame dispensing

The popularization and application of the full screen of mobile phones has put forward higher requirements for the dispensing of the middle frame. The arc section is only 0.25mm, and the requirements for ultra-narrow glue lines and position accuracy require the edge grabbing and positioning ability of the dispensing machine and the frequency conversion of the valve. Glue quantity control.

3C mobile phone middle frame dispensing

Features and Benefits

Dispensing software communicates with valve controller

The dispensing software communicates with the valve controller, the trajectory dispensing speed is automatically planned, and the valve control frequency is automatically adjusted. The trajectory will automatically adjust the valve dispensing frequency during the speed change process, so as to achieve the purpose of glue quantity control and ensure a stable glue quantity.

Grab edge algorithm recognition

Use the combined light source to illuminate the obvious black and white edges, carry out the edge grabbing algorithm identification, set the value offset for the edge position, automatically generate the dispensing path, and complete the edge grabbing positioning.

Customer appeal

Customer appeal

1. TOP enterprises in the field of 3C mobile phone production.

2. The efficiency and stability of the frame grabbing edge are required.

Customer pain points

1. There are many edge grabbing segments in the middle frame of the mobile phone, and the efficiency is low.

2. For the middle frame that needs to be re-dispensed for repair and some of the edge grabbing points with large interference from lighting changes, it is easy to jump or grab the wrong point, which will cause the machine to frequently alarm or cause poor dispensing, requiring continuous manual intervention.

3. In the middle frame dispensing process, the traditional speed mode is not easy to accurately control the amount of glue, and it is easy to have more glue or less glue.


Unique variable speed fly technology

Unique variable-speed flying shot technology improves edge grabbing efficiency.

better fit

The software algorithm has a high degree of fault tolerance. It does not affect the dispensing effect for jumping points and wrong grasping points within a certain range, and can adjust the trajectory and zoom the trajectory through the grasping point to ensure that the dispensing trajectory and the real product have a better fit. Spend.

Automatic speed planning

The automatic speed planning adopts the density control mode and can adjust the valve control frequency to achieve the purpose of glue quantity control.